Become active in the DanceComp Community and earn Crystals

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14 Crystal Awards

  • 1 Crystal for registering to the website
  • New Event (publish a New Event)
  • Regular Visitor (visit 10 days in a row)
  • Pretty Face (update your Avatar picture – limited to 1 per month)
  • In Good Company (send 10 friend requests)
  • I got something to say! (write on the feed 10 times)
  • Someone liked what I said! (get someone to Favorite your feed message)
  • Sharing my Interests (Invite someone to a group)
  • Knowledge is Power (complete a Quiz in from the University)
  • I’ve got Tickets! (purchase an event ticket)
  • Add to a Group Stream 5 times
  • Social Sharer – Share any 5 URL
  • Upload 5 Photos
  • Online Adjudication

Collect Badges to earn even more Crystals