Allan Tornsberg

Allan Tornsberg began dancing at the age of eight years old. He was inspired by his own sister: one day Allan came to see her dance jazz at her dance school after which he got permission from his mother to attend dance classes as well. For ten years, he attended his local dance studio in which each year he progressed further and further. In 1987, Allan moved to London, where he lived for about 14 years.

Allan’s first partner was Vibeke Toft, also born in Denmark. They were introduced through a mutual friend. Allan was looking for a dance partner and therefore offered Vibeke the beginning of a new partnership. Vibeke at that time, was one of the best dancers in Denmark, successfully dancing in a couple for nine consecutive years.

The first performance of the new couple took place in Blackpool, England at the 1987 British Open Championships where the couple represented Denmark. They won all major titles from 1991-1993 including the 1991 German Open Amateur Latin Championship, the 1991 and 1992 European Amateur Latin Championship, the 1992 World Amateur Latin Championship, the 1993 UK Open Amateur Latin Championship, the 1993 International Amateur Latin Championship, and the British Open Professional Rising Star Latin Championship.

The couple trained with Walter Laird as well as with Donnie Burns .

In March of 1996, Allan began dancing with Carmen Vincelj and together as a Professional couple, they represented the country of Germany. In 1997, they won first place at the German Open Championships as well as the WDC World Professional South American Showdance Championship in Scheveningen, Netherlands. They also became finalists at the World Championship and at the British Open.

Soon, a new partnership formed between Allan and Serena Lecca, and as a Professional couple they represented the country of Italy. Together, they won second place at the 1999 World Cup in Kremlin Moscow, Russia. The following year, they became champions at the Open Professional Championship in the United States in the Latin American program and in 2001, Allan and Serena won bronze medals at the World Championship.

In 2001, Allan announced his retirement from the competitive world and decided to focus on performing show dances with Serena. However, as Serena just began receiving top placements with Allan, she wanted to continue competing and began searching for another partner. Allan was left without a partner in the middle of touring shows and Vibeke Toft turned out being the one that was able to solve this problem. However, Vibeke wanted to begin competing once more. Allan, wanting to do something really good for her, agreed. In 2002, with a final performance at the European Championship in St. Petersburg, they took fourth place.

Allan Tornsberg is known today as a very honest and fair adjudicator. He takes part in various international competitions all around the world, including the World Championship.

From 2006 to 2011, Allan was an adjudicator on the television Danish dance show “Dancing with the Stars”. In addition, he also worked as a choreographer on the show from 2007 to 2009. He was also a choreographer on “So You Think You Can Dance” in Ukraine in 2010. In 2005 and 2008, Allan was nominated and won the award of “Best Teacher” in London.

Today, Allan currently trains upcoming competitive couples with Vibeke Toft in a studio in New York City. He constantly travels all over the world, hosting dance camps and training couples internationally as well. It is said that Allan’s inspiration was draw from the real world: music, partnerships, and shows. However, as a teacher, Walter Laird had the greatest impact on Allan.

Currently each year, Allan Tornsberg along with Vibeke Toft, Katharina Giannico, and Giampiero Giannico organize one of the most renown competitions held in the USA. The Empire Dance Championship held in New York City is a major event for the DanceSport industry to which competitors from all over the world have the chance to come and compete for the title of Empire Champion.