Andrei Gavriline

Andrei began dancing at the age of six in his home country of Russia. There, he was a finalist in the Amateur Latin category. He also had training in jazz and ballet as well as in International Style Standard.
While also a law student in Moscow, he rediscovered his childhood love of dance once again. As a result, in May of 1999, he began dancing with Elena Kryuchkova, after they had first fallen in love. That same year they were married and moved to the United States with an O-1 visa – visa for extraordinary talent.

Taliat Tarsinov, one of their coaches, helped them reach their dream of America. Andrei and Elena have also trained with Ruud Vermeij, Colin James and Espen Salberg. In the past, they took lessons with Alan Fletcher, Lorna Lee and Michael Stylianos.

Before the couple even formed, because of their height difference, many thought that Andrei and Elena would not be successful. However, together, they became the 2002 Open Professional Latin Rising Star Blackpool Champions, and three time USA National Professional Latin Champions from 2004 to 2006. They were also three time USA representatives at the World Latin Championships, and semifinalists in all major international Open Professional Latin Competitions. They were also finalists in the most prestigious competition in 2008, the Blackpool Dance Festival in the Professional Latin category.

Andrei and Elena also partook in the televised Ballroom Dancing competition known as “America’s Ballroom Challenge” hosted at the annual Ohio Star Ball Championships, one of the most renown competitions held in the United States. They became 2-time champions in the International Latin category.

Off the Competitive Floor
Andrei Gavriline, with his partner and spouse Elena Kryuchkova, founded Paragon Ballroom. Together, they are world-class instructors who train competitive dancers to succeed in the DanceSport competitive arena. Andrei is also an active Professional-Amateur (Pro-Am) dancer, and competes regularly with his students.
Currently, each year, Andrei and Elena also organize the Tri-State DanceSport Championships and the Paragon Open DanceSport Championships. As well as hosting their own competitions, they are also world-class adjudicators.