Chuck Danza

Charles Danza was a champion athlete in a variety of sports, including Jujitsu and MMA, from a very early age. He focused his energies on boxing and eventually became a Golden Gloves champion. At the same time he began competing in Ballroom dancing at the age of 16 and enjoyed immediate and early success. Eventually he had to choose between boxing and dancing.
After retiring from boxing, Chuck focused all of his energies on Ballroom dancing and was influenced by the Latin Mambo style of his friend and mentor, Don Celia, founder of The Academy of Social Dancing.

Charles competed internationally and lived in London and Italy for 10 years of his competitive career. He was the Italian National Latin Dance Champion and among the finalists at the prestigious Blackpool Dance Festival in Blackpool, England, essentially the equivalent of the annual Dance Olympics.

He has won titles all over the world in Japan, Russia, Holland, South Africa, Taiwan and more.

After his competitive career ended, he became one of the youngest world class adjudicators, for which he is an examiner, and received certifications in such organizations as the DVIDA, International Dance Teachers Association, and Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. He is also a certified examiner for the DVIDA.

Charles has owned and managed several studios throughout Europe, and currently directs three studios in the Tri-State Area (in Philadelphia and in Exton, P.A.).

As owner and executive director of The Academy of Social Dancing, Charles provides management and artistic oversight of the studio and its staff as well as instruction and coaching in competitive dancing to his students. He coaches all of The Academy instructors on a regular basis and requires them to attend training sessions multiple times a week to meet detailed DVIDA syllabus requirements.

Charles Danza has been dancing for 25 years and coaches Professional, Amateur, and Pro-Am couples in International Latin as well as in American Style Rhythm & Smooth.

Charles has traveled all over the world to teach and coach dancers at every level. Most recently, he starred in Italy’s production of “Dancing with the Stars” – “Ballando con el Stelle”. His other performing arts credits include training professional dancers in the film “Mad Hot Ballroom” and the popular U.S. TV shows “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing with the Stars”.

He was one of the originators of “Burn the Floor” and also played a leading role in the film adaptation of the legendary musical “Evita”.

Charles Danza is also the organizer and co-organizer of some of the most prominent competitions in the United States, including the Philadelphia DanceSport Championships and the Ultimate DanceSport Challenge.