Giampiero Giannico

Giampiero Giannico is a 2-time Professional Standard finalist of the British Open Championships of Blackpool, England, generally recognized as the most prestigious competition in the world. To have danced in the top 6 at this competition is a dream for all competitors.
Giampiero represented the United States in the World Championships, placing in the final and was also a semifinalist in all major competitions all over the globe. He was invited to perform, teach and lecture in Japan, China, Russia and all over Europe.

Giampiero retired from competitive dancing after concluding his partnership with Anastasia Muravyova.

In the beginning of 2010, Giampiero came out of retirement. Together with his new dance partner, Anna Mikhed, the couple achieved incredible results in a very short period of time, including 5th place in the Professional Standard British Open Championships, 1st place at the Capital DanceSport Championships and 1st place at the London Ball held in London, England.

Giampiero and Anna were invited to perform and compete in Japan, followed by the World Championships in Ottowa, Canada.

Giampiero lives in New York and is currently one of the four organizers of the Empire Dance Championship along with former partner Katharina Marks, now known as Katharina Giannico, Giampiero’s wife.