Jordan Hill

” I believe that some people are just meant to have a certain destiny. And I know mine is to be an artist, and inspire people through music. I’ve known that all of my life. Ever since I was a little girl, my dream has always been to share music with the world. And I’m ready”, Jordan Hill states. And no one could be more so. From the very beginning she has always known who she is, and where she’s going.

Jordan was already singing full songs at the age of 18 months old. Growing up, she studied all the musical influences around her. Her two biggest influences created a combination that encompasses a bit of Michael Jackson, with a voice that recalls a young Whitney Houston, and a style all her own. With passion, and a powerful voice that soars beyond boundaries of genre and ethnicity, Jordan Hill reaches out to share her unique blend of pop,soul,and rock. Jordan’s voice echoes the sound of your soul ,and her songs speak the language of your heart. Jordan exudes an inner strength that enhances every note of her music; taking her audience on a journey with her, wherever she chooses to take them.

Growing up in Knoxville,Tennessee Jordan’s parents encouraged her goal to be a recording artist and to follow her dreams, though Jordan gave them little choice. Jordan remembers, ” When I was about to start high school, I told my parents… I have to sing! The time is now! I have to move to LA or New York. I have to give it 100%! I can’t wait! If you don’t let me pursue it now, the day I graduate I’m moving!”

That statement struck a chord in her parents. So they decided to support Jordan in her desire and committed to moving to LA for a year; with the condition that depending on how well it went, that would decide whether they stayed or not. Jordan auditioned for Hamilton Academy of Music , a performance arts magnet school and was received.

So she and her mom moved to LA,while her dad stayed in Knoxville to handle his job responsibilities. Almost overnight, Jordan acquired quite a few music friends, who invited her to sing at open mic nights all over town.

It was at one of those open mic nights, that she was discovered by a music DJ, who immediately approached Jordan with her big break. He offered to take her to sing at a party that he was going to be doing, at the home of music producer David Foster.

Just a few days later, Jordan was in Malibu, standing in front of 14 time Grammy award winning producer David Foster, singing her heart out to the original Whitney Houston track “I have nothing” from the bodyguard soundtrack. ( written and produced by Foster) David was very impressed! So much so, that he invited her back to his studio a few days later, so he could record her singing a new song he had just composed. Just two days later, David contacted Jordan and asked her to sign to his brand new label 143, that he had just formed. He asked her to be the premiere artist on his label.

Before Jordan could even begin to record her debut album, she received the incredible opportunity to sing the theme song from the Steven Spielberg movie “Casper” , titled “Remember me this way”. The song was extremely well received ,and garnered her a top 40 hit.

After the movie release, Jordan became very much at home performing in arenas. Traveling all over the United States and Canada; where she shared the stage with a long list of the music industry’s biggest stars, including Elton John and Celine Dion.

Jordan performed at Madison square garden in New York,for a live tv special for “Stars on ice.” Some of her other favorite highlights include performing at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, the LA forum, for a crowd of 80,000 at the Big Sky Show in Canada ( other performers included Bryan Adams, Celine Dion and Shania Twain) and 100,000 at an outdoor festival in Tennessee.

Jordan then released her debut album entitled “Jordan Hill” on 143/Atlantic records. The first single “For the love of you”, was a favorite among R&B audiences and the remix proved to be a hit on the dance charts.

Jordan went on to do two international tours to support her debut album, including Europe,Japan,and Asia. Her album reached platinum status in both Japan and Asia.
She also held the #1 song ( “Too much heaven”) and the #4 song ( “Until the end of time”) simultaneously in Japan.

Jordan had the honor of recording “What am I doing here”, which was featured on the Atlanta Olympic album. She was also featured on the star studded anthem “Love shouldn’t hurt”, to help abused children in need. A project that was spearheaded by Grammy Award winning producer Quincy Jones.

Jordan was featured on the song “Destiny”, included on the multi-platinum album for Jim Brickman, entitled “Destiny”.

Jordan then decided to take some time to hone her writing abilities as a songwriter. She collaborated with songwriters in LA, New York , Philadelphia ,Atlanta ,and Nashville; and amassed an impressive catalog of songs.

Jordan founded and trademarked her own music company, Warrior Music. Her first release with the new company, was a much requested Christmas song entitled
“This Christmas”. The next year, she followed it up with another Christmas single , “Someday at Christmas”; which reached #11 on the Billboard Chart.

What’s new on the horizon for Jordan Hill, is sure to surpass all expectations. And one thing is for sure. Her destiny is in her hands.

Come along for the ride!