Pat Traymore

Pat Traymore was born to a diplomat father and an astronomer mother. From early childhood she was surrounded by diverse cultures and interesting people. Before embarking on a dancing career she went to a university; her goal to become a doctor. She did one day become a doctor, a doctor of dance. In the interim she worked at the United Nations and was the liaison between the U.S. banks and oil companies within the Middle East and North African countries through the United Nations. To make a long story short, she became a dancing teacher at a chain dance studio. A few years later was promoted to the chairman of the International Dance Board, wrote training manuals and organized competitions. She was a franchisee for thirteen years and ran a very successful dance studio. Her love is coaching people and helping them to become better, fun and loving dancers. She judges many competitions and travels extensively to coach.
Pat Traymore has experienced every facet of the dance business. Fifty-five years in the business, she has been chairperson of a dance board for 13 years, and a traveling dance consultant and judge. She and her partner were regular performers at New York City’s “Tavern on the Green” for 7 years. She has performed on the Johnny Carson Show, Merv Griffin and Harry Belafonte Shows. Her favorite work is working with students to help them reach their full potential. She also speaks five languages: Farsi, French, Russian, German and Italian and can coach in four of them.