The DanceComp Mobile App and now its Web Platform are built for the dance community as a source of accurate, timely and pertinent information.

We built a tool for Organizers to communicate, save money, and modernize their event. 

Your Event Information, in everyone's hand.

The DanceComp App fully replaces and enhances the paper program you would spend money and headaches to prepare and print. The information is always up-to-date and subject to any change at any time. 

It provides your dancers and audience with all the necessary information relevant to the event. 

Our newest feature: DanceComp Social Network

We have developed a full fledged Social Network Platform where people can post Photos, Videos, Thoughts, Comments. They can Follow people, Connect with them, Private Message them, Like their content, etc.

As an Organizer, your event can get its very own Private Social Group.  It is the place for direct communication with your Dancers and Audience. 

Grow your Community on a dedicated Social Network

Because DanceComp is solely related to Ballroom Dancing, it makes its social features more efficient than Facebook on the long term. The user get to choose which info they want to receive, by joining Competition Groups of their choice and following individuals of interest. 

Encourage people attending your event to join your Social Group, build your audience, and stay in direct contact with them throughout the event and after. 

More than just a Heat Counter, yet the best

Organizers usually associate DanceComp with the Heat Counter we provide to run a smooth event. Dancers completely rely on it nowadays and it is a must for any competition. 

Why is our Counter the Best?

Some examples of our Counter in Use:

Versatility of information

DanceComp Remote Services is more than just a Heat Counter, like other can offer. We provide a plethora of information and give you the ability to display it in many different ways.

We will work with your Screen Content Manager to explain how to obtain and display all the relevant data.


Attract Customers by accepting Crystals.

As dancers partake in activities within the App and platform, such as sharing Pictures or Video or leaving a Review about an Event, they get Experience Points which in return will earn them precious DanceComp Crystals

We will partner with a few selected events to also give away these Crystals to all Pro/Am Scholarships winners and Professionals. 

Redeem the Crystals and grow the industry

Some partnering Vendors and Events can now accept the DanceComp Crystals in exchange of goods and services. 
For example you could allow a Dancer to use 300 Crystals for a free Single Dance Entry at your event. Or 1,000 Crystals for a free Professional Entry. This can replace your Vouchers. 

Online Registration

Receive Entries and Payment using our Marketplace and Online Registration Forms.  

Our Online Registration System offers a quick and efficient way for dancers to send their entries and guaranty payment ahead of the start of the event. 

Dancers, Studio Managers, or Parents can now register to a participating event in just a few clicks and payment goes straight to your Account. It is ideal for both dancers and organizers. 

DanceComp by the Numbers (Last 12 Months)

1.20 Millions







DanceComp Platform

for Dancesport Competitions
$ 750 per year
  • Social Wall*
  • Digital Program
  • Remote Services
  • Advertisement e-blast
Introductory Price

The Most up to date information at your fingertip.

With the evolution of how people register, the Heatlists and Schedule are likely to change during the event. Whatever program you would have printed become erroneous and misleading. Having a digital Program allows for a constant up-to-date set of information.

Our Heatlists, Program and Results are fully searchable with relevant filters, allowing anyone to quickly get to the information they need. 

Easily get all Professional Heats with their time and Couple list. Or get the Heatlists of everyone dancing in your studio.  This can be done in no time. 

Detailed Schedule

A recent and very popular feature, our detailed schedule is automatically created based on the activity entries within the Program (Compmgr or Premier).

That means it is updated upon any changes made during the event! 

Our Summary allows in a quick glance to always know what time to Sessions start and end.

One Tap Heatlists & Results

Our latest feature for those who create an account.

We automatically match the Dancer’s first and last name entered in her profile to fetch her Heatlists and Results.

It saves precious time to not have to type one’s name or scroll through hundreds of name to get yours! Just one tap and your most up-to-date Heatlists shows up. 

Feedback from your Audience

DanceComp gives anyone the ability to leave an anonymous review of the event in a user friendly and incentive way.

Positive and Negative ratings and comments are usually only shared with the organizer or chairman, and never publicly displayed. 

The reviewer can earn Experience points and Crystals, encouraging their feedback.